Factory Automation

Factory Automation

From integrated drives and smart controllers to innovative PLC software.


We offer Automation with latest technology and application in order to control and monitor your production and delivery of various goods and services.  Our team will proceed by making a site survey and then design and implement a system and finally complete the integration to your existing process. 

Our Solutions are:

1. Supply of Spares for all SIEMENS

2. Design, Build and System Integration including PLC/SCADA software for any process or control system

3. Troubleshooting of machines/control systems 

4. Panel Building 

5. Refurbishment of old machine 

6. Automate old process or machine to semi-auto or fully auto.

key benefits

Main advantages:

1. All solutions are in-house at Siebel

2. Less downtime and Increased production

3. Less operational cost


Our drives offer solutions from simple machine control, high-speed positioning to demanding medium voltage control. These flexible portfolios deliver solutions to keep you connected to your operations and help you to be more productive.


We supply Process instrumentation of any process industry to measurement and control of process variables such as levels, flow, pressure, temperature, pH and humidity. With the right instrumentation, process plants can run effectively, efficiently, economically and safely through the integration of alarm signals.

key benefits

SIEMENS Process Instruments are known for their reliability and robustness in the most challenging environment. In choosing Siemens Instruments you are choosing

1. Exact field parameters for better control

2. Durable instruments thus less operational cost in terms of replacement or change

3. Peace of mind for your process.


IFM is a leading company that develops and manufacture industrial sensors and software for Industrial Automation. They are highly reputed and appreciated worldwide for their high quality products.

IFM has a range of solutions for different application in a factory namely:

1. Motion control

2. Temperature and Pressure Control

3. Position and Safety Technology

4. Vision Control

key benefits

Main advantages:

1. 5 year Warranty on most products

2. Long life - robust and rugged products.

3. Reliable data


LAPP cables are a leading global supplier of cables. They design and manufacture high performance cables for all applications such as

1. Factory Automation - Instrumentation and Control

2. Residential

3. Railways

4. Automobile

Other products available from LAPP are:

1. Accessories

2. Flexible trays

3. Cable tools

key benefits

Main advantages:

1. High quality

2. Easy to work with - flexible

3. High performance